Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ethics And Social Responsibilities

Green Apple
Ethics: The moral principles and values that generally govern the conduct of an individual.

Corporate social responsibilities: A business's concern for society's welfare. 

     A green Apple, perhaps that will be the official slogan for Apple inc in the near future. Or maybe not but surely Apple inc is defiantly trying to be more socially responsible regarding the environment. Sustainability is also the key to success in this new era when everyone wants to go green, Apple is doing a very good job at it. They have engineers that no only build better products but also smaller, thinner, and lighter which in the long run translates to less carbon dioxide emission. Products like the new iMac with a 21.5 inch screen (almost 7 inches bigger than the 1st generation of the product) uses 50 percent less material and 35% less carbon emission. The packaging and traveling also affects the environment so Apple has a team a engineers who develop the smallest most protective packaging possible in order to minimize the space products occupy in the transportation process thus  producing less carbon dioxide.
    Apple also sees that their products are as energy efficient as possible, all of their products are ENERGY STAR certified which is not only good for your pocket but also good for the environment because it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of power plants.  All of Apple's products have received the Gold status in the Electronic Product Assessment Tool (EPEAT) which sets the  most widely accepted standards of environmental impact.   
      The recycling begins even before the product is used because Apple products are built to last, according to Apple's latest research you can charge the Macbook's battery about 1000 times before you need a new one. Apple has recycling programs that recycle in 95% percent of the cities they retail to, these programs prevent about 130 million pounds of waste from ending up landfills and only produce one percent of the companies total CO2 emission. Without a doubt Apple has made it their task to reduce waste and carbon emission their products emit to the planet. You ca check out many more different ways that Apple inc is committed to lessen their environmental impact at:
Apple's Code Of Ethics
   Apple wants to assure the highest standards of ethical conduct for them, their suppliers, and all workers affiliated to the company. They want to make sure that all their workers are treated with dignity and respect free of any discrimination. Apple makes sure that the Code of conduct is enforced by all their suppliers in an effort to make sure they fallow the requirements of fair business,advertising, and competition stated by their local law. Their suppliers should not engage in corruption, extortion, bribery, or any form of illegal manner to  obtain improper advantage. Wages, hours of work, and age limits are also established under the Apple Suppliers Code Of Conduct (ASCOC), it sets a minimum wage, a 60 hour a week limit, and 15 the age minimum to work. In addition Apple also assures the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility anywhere their products are sold or manufactured. To Apple the integrity of their business is something their are not willing to risk so they ensure all the rules in the ASCOC are fallowed to the fullest extend. The code of conduct establishes by Apple sets all the rules that their suppliers should fallow and is a condition to any contract signed with Apple inc. You can check out the full Apple Suppliers Code Of Conduct at
Apple's code of ethics ensures the safety and well being of all their workers and suppliers, and emphasizes  their social responsibility towards the environment.

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