Wednesday, September 1, 2010

History And Mission Statement

       Apple Computers was established in Cupertino, CA, on April 1ST,1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Wozniak, it was  incorparated in 1977 with the founding of Mike Markula. Starting with the Apple 1 (1976), Apple 2(1977),Apple Lisa (1983) and the publicly acclaimed Macintosh, Apple set the stage for personal computers as we know them today.In 1985 their president and founder Steve jobs resined and formed NeXT Inc which will later be brought back by Apple in 1996. More recent products like the PowerBook (1991) set the model for modern laptop designs, also the Newton which was one of the earliest personal digital assistants(pda) is known to be the platform for the iPhone and the most recent Apple product the I pad.
   Apple released the 1st iPod (classic)in October 2001, fallowed by the iPod (nano) in 2005, the iPod (shuffle) in 2005, and iPod touch in 2007.
  On January 9, 2007 Apple at the Mac World expo CEO Steve jobs announced that Apple Computer inc will just simply become Apple inc because computers were no longer the only product that they intended to market. During the same expo Steve Jobs also announced that the iPhone will be available later during that year.
   The iPhone went on sale on June 29 2007, Fallowed by the iPhone 3g (July 15, 2010), the iPhone 3gs (June 29 2009) , and finally the best phone ever to be made to this date the iPhone 4 released on June 24, 2010. The iPhone 4 is the latest generation and it features 2 5 mega-pixel cameras, a stainless steel rim, (which serves as an antenna) of course 3g and Wi-Fi capability. The App store(July 10,2008) which allows you to have 1000'S of applications at the tip of your fingers, the I tunes store (April 28, 2003) which allows you to download music, videos, and other media files to your iPhone are design make your daily life a little easier and fun. Finally the 3.5 inches and 960 by 640 pixel resolution screen and the aluminusilicate glass front and back give the iPhone a beautiful look and makes this one of the best if not the best smart phone on the market.
"The mission statement"
  Apple's mission is to deliver the best interactive computers, software, digital media downloads, and smartphone in the market. With products from the Apple TV,iWork, iLife and final Cut Apple has become more than just a computer making company but a company that sales a life style. 

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